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Vocal and instrumental scores

Responses (SATB)

Compositions and Arrangements

Sequenced Recordings (using Cubase 4 and MOTU Symphonic Instrument)

Story of a City 1 (Orchestra)

Sketch No.1 (Descant Recorder/Piano)


Jubilate Deo (SATB/Organ)

Electronic compositions (Sequenced

recording using Cubase 4, Reason 3, Kore Player and Absynth 4)

It transcends the senses (based on a speech of Gandhi, recorded in 1931)

Variations on Ad cenam agni (Organ)

Fanfare ecclesiastica (Brass Quartet,

Organ, Timpani)

Magnificat (SATB/Piano)

The oft-repeated dream (SSAATTBB/Violin/Organ)

A friend

Joshua fought the battle (SATB/Jazz Ens)

Nunc dimittis (SATB/Piano)

The Lord at first did Adam make (SATB/Organ)

Amazing grace (SSAATTBB/Piano)

Three Shakespeare Songs (SATB some divisi)

Variations on a Leicestershire folk song (Organ)

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